Corrosion-erosion processes of the AA 5083 (Al-Mg) alloy in seawater

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A Aballe
M Bethencourt
FJ Botana
M Marcos
JMA Sánchez-Amaya


Fourier Transforms are applied to analyse surface roughness profiles recorded on samples coming from corrosion-erosion assays. The information retrieved using this method clearly complements that revealed by the more classical roughness amplitude parameters. The analysis procedure here proposed can be applied not only to characterise the surface of corroded samples but, in general, to evaluate the quality of any surface after application of finishing treatments.


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Aballe, A., Bethencourt, M., Botana, F., Marcos, M., & Sánchez-Amaya, J. (2003). Corrosion-erosion processes of the AA 5083 (Al-Mg) alloy in seawater. Ciencias Marinas, 29(4), 405–411.
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