Published: 2011-12-20

I Iberoamerican Symposium on Reproductive Ecology, Recruitment and Fisheries

Fran Saborido-Rey, Hilario Murua, Gustavo J Macchi


Reproductive biology of black hakes (Merluccius polli and M. senegalensis) off Mauritania

L Fernández-Peralta, F Salmerón, J Rey, MA Puerto, R García-Cancela


Spatial and temporal changes in batch fecundity of common sardine and anchovy off central and southern Chile (2002–2007)

LA Cubillos, C Alarcón, C Castillo-Jordán, G Claramunt, C Oyarzún, S Gacitúa


Distribution and behavior of Argentine hake larvae: Evidence of a biophysical mechanism for self-recruitment in northern Patagonian shelf waters

G Álvarez-Colombo, C Dato, G Macchi, E Palma, L Machinandiarena, HE Christiansen, P Betti, C Derisio, P Martos, F Castro-Machado, D Brown, M Ehrlich, H Mianzan, EM Acha